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Written by: Ralf Klenke
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20 Easy Ways to get more Blog Subscribers.

Attract Blog SubscribersWith Google's latest update Penguin an even greater focus is put on content. One way to and content to your webpage is a blog. But bloggers get caught up in turning out quality content on a regular basis and they tend to forget that there are some fundamental factors that contribute to successful blog. A blog which nobody reads it is not very valuable other than for search engines. At the end you want real people to read your blog and this means that you will have to grow your subscriber base. Unfortunately, many bloggers do not see the value of loyal members who read their blog. If you are serious about your blog it is time to consider these 20 simple steps to attract more regular readers to your blog.

20 Easy Steps to get more Blog Subscribers

1.       Show your subscription button/e-mail opt in form

if you want people to follow your blog. You have to make sign that easy. The sign up button must be displayed in constant view of the visitor. Don't make your visitors search through all of your blog to find the sidebar or button to subscribe.

2.       Explain subscription benefits.

If a new visitor has found your blog, it is important that he can be convinced why it would be beneficial to read your blog. You need to demonstrate that there is value subscribing to your blog. Describe the purpose and content of your blog. I had this information, as well as information about the author of at the end of every blog entry.


3.       Offer a reward or incentive

There are many incentives you can offer to encourage visitors to sign up for your blog. These incentives can be access to exclusive downloads or coupons. Be creative.


4.       Promote your blog on all pages of your website

if you want visitors to know about your blog, it is important to have a link to your blog on all pages of your website. If you do not want to put a link on all pages. Make sure you cover the high-traffic pages of your website such as Homepage, About Us and Contact Page.


5.       Create a subscription landing page

it is a good idea to create a dedicated landing page which you can direct people to react of the channels such as social media or videos or pay per click or e-mail. On this page you will be able to explain in more detail the contents of the blog and information about the author.


6.       Add footers to blog entries

Each one of your blog articles should have basic footer that can act as a call to action and subscription to your blog. If the reader finds your blog interesting, t believe him hey can easily sign up without having to look for other links.


7.       Leverage Social Proof

if you already have lots of visitors following you, make sure that the number is displayed and can be easily found. Just like we tend to line up at the longest line, we will also sign up to blogs which many people have decided are worthwhile following.


8.       Optimize your content for search engines

if your content is well search engine optimized you will drive more visitors to your blog. This would lead to more subscribers. Please do not overlook the importance of proper search engine optimization for each and every blog article you publish.

9.       Leverage Your Social Media Presence

Every time you publish a new blog make sure post it on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and other social media. You can even create a dedicated tab on your Facebook Page and collect subscriptions right within Facebook.

10.   Add social sharing buttons to your blog

Make it easy for your readers to share your blog with others.


11.   Guest Blog, and Include a Link in the Author Byline

Guest blogging can be a powerful link-building tool and you can use guest blogging opportunities for more than just the inbound links. Because other blogs can be a great source of readers who don't know about your own blog, you can use your author byline as a way to generate new subscribers. Here's an example of how I might use a guest blogging author byline to drive subscribers for the HubSpot blog:

Ralf Klenke is the Author of WSI WPG Blog, which has more than ___ subscribers. You can read more of Ralf's content on digital marketing by subscribing to WSI WPG blog here.

12.    Promote on Thank-You Pages

Thank-you pages are the pages your visitors get redirected to after they've completed a form on a landing page. As a result, these pages are prime real estate to encourage conversions, and that includes blog subscriptions


13.   Promote Your Blog in other relevant content

Include blog subscription CTA ( Call to Action) within some of your other content such as your ebooks, webinars, or other downloads. Just as with the footer at the end of your blog posts, this will enable you to capitalize on the people who are already interested in your content. If leads think the content they're already consuming is valuable, they'll be more inclined to subscribe to the other content you offer on your blog.



14.   Include a Subscription CTA in the Footer of Marketing Emails

Every e-mail you send should include a leads to your blog. Simply add the text based for the to the bottom of all your e-mails.

15.   Hold a Contest

Get more blog subscribers by using your other promotional channels, and treat it like a contest. Offer an enticing prize to a randomly selected subscriber who subscribes between the launch of your promotion and a designated date.


16.   Commit to Content Quality

At the beginning of this blog I talked about quality content. The fact is that if you're blog articles are boring, non-compelling and non-educational, you will not convince any reader to subscribe to your blog. Make a commitment to increase the quality of the content on your blog.


17.    Be Consistent when publishing

The fastest way to churn your subscriber base is by failing to consistently publish content. Subscribers have an expectation of regularity, so if potential new subscribers don't see that you're regularly publishing blog content, they're not going to see much value in subscribing, and you'll lose some of the subscribers you've already worked so hard to attract. And publishing frequently can reward you with a lot more than just


18.   Promote Blog Subscription in Your Personal Email Signature

Add a CTA and link to subscribe to your blog in your personal email signature, and encourage the rest of your company to do so as well -- particularly your sales team. Using the free tool, WiseStamp, you can also create a dynamic email signature that includes an RSS feed, which shows the title of your most recent blog article and automatically updates as new articles get published.


19.   Spend some money on Paid Marketing

Take out some ads on pay per click on Bing and Google as well as some ads on Facebook to promote your blog and do's and subscriber push. Direct traffic to your dedicated blog subscriber landing page, or leverage Facebook Sponsored Stories to drive traffic to the subscriber tab you created for your Facebook business page in number 09.

20.   "Use" Full Feeds

A partial RSS feed delivers just a snippet of the blog post with a link to read more on the blog, whereas a full RSS feed provides the entire post within the reader's feed aggregator. The full feed provides a more user-friendly experience, whereas the partial feed is beneficial in driving traffic to your blog itself. The problem is, many readers won't subscribe to your blog if you're only offering a partial feed, so while partial feeds save you some blog traffic, you end up losing subscribers and hurting user experience. While there are definitely opposing points of view, I recommend providing subscribers with the full feed.

As the marketing strategist, if I suggest to add a blog to any business website. A good blog will add relevant content to your site and will definitely help with search engine rankings. If you aim to have real subscribers to your blog, the 20 points outlined above will help you achieve this goal.

About Ralf Klenke:

Ralf Klenke is currently the only certified Digital Marketing Consultant with WSI in Winnipeg. Ralf has extensive background knowledge in sales, the service industry , manufacturing, real estate and project management. Ralf's blog focusses on today's digital marketing tools and how SMEs can use these tools to make their online presence highly succesful.

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