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Written by: Ralf Klenke
9/28/2011 4:25 PM  RssIcon

This is a question I hear every week for my customers. "I am not involved in Facebook or Twitter. I don'tsee the importance.  Do I really have to be active in these social media sites or is this just a fad that will go away?"

to answer this we need to look at a cople of statistics. For those of my readers who are visual I have provided a Video and for the readers I am lsiting the stats below.  

  • ·         Over 50% of worlds population is under 30 years old.
  • ·         96 % of Millenials have joined a social network
  • ·         Facebook tops Google in weekly traffic in the US
  • ·         Social Media has overtaken Porn as the #1 activity on the Web.
  • ·         ( I know you don’t do social Media, but that’s what you said about Porn as well.)
  • ·         1 out of 8 couples in the US met via social Media
  • ·         To reach 50 Million Users
  • o   Radio   38 Years
  • o   TV  13 Years
  • o   Internet 4 years
  • o   iPod 3 years
  • o   Facebook  needed 9month to reach 200 million users
  • ·         iPod/iPad/iPhone  application downloads hit 1 Billion in 9 month
  • ·         If facebook were a county it would be the 3rd largest in population after China and India
  • ·         80 % of companies use Social Media Recruitment
  • ·         Of that 95% use Linked In
  • ·         Fasters growing segment on Facebook is women 55 – 65
  • ·         50% of all internet traffic in UK is for Facebook
  • ·         Generation Y and Z consider eMail passe.
  • ·         Youtube is thesecond largest search engine in the world
  • ·         For every Minute you watch you tube 35+ hours hours of video is being uploaded
  • ·         Wikipedia has over 15 million articles – 78 % are non English
  • ·         25 % of search results for the top 20 largest brands are user generated content
  • ·         87 % of consumers trust recommendations. 14% trust advertisments

So the answer to the question is easy. If your target group is involved ia specific type of social media you must be active in this type of social media, if not you will lose business to your competitors who are active. Your clients and prospects will talk about you and you have no idea what they are saying about you. You need to get involved.
Talk to me. I can set you up with a basic social media marketing package that helpsyouto get nvolved without using any of your time. This ia a marketing expense you need to budget. It is important.  It is a wave of change. You can ride it or find yourself crushed under it. You decide.

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