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Written by: Ralf Klenke
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If you have a business in Winnipeg and you are selling products and services you have to ask yourself if what you are doing today will still be sufficient in tomorrow’s marketing world.  SOLOMO will be the new standard for digital marketing in Winnipeg. It represents the first 2 letters of Social Media Marketing, Location Based Marketing and Mobile Marketing.

With social behavior changing you have to ask yourself what media you will need to use to address todays and tomorrows customers.

In fact I am involved in planning the CMA Digital Day 2011 which will happen this Fall here in Winnipeg. If you are interested in Marketing in today’s world this event is a must for you. There will be several Top-of-the-Line Speakers on these topics. It is a great event and if you have never attended, this is the year to do it. The speakers are $30000 to bring in, so you can be assured of the high caliber.

Contact CMA today  


The expectation is that by 2014 we will spend more time on the internet on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Is your business ready for that?


I will be writing several blogs about this topic so I am only going to explain briefly why SOLOMO will be so important.

Social Media is her to stay and with Google+ soon to be launched to the masses it will be something that will be part of our culture. The majority of transactions will move to the mobile devices we carry around.  

Location based marketing is when you can market to your target group exactly when they are at your location or at your competitors location.

Mobile Marketing is every aspect of advertising on your mobile device. i.e. Search Engine Optimization for Mobile devices, which is quite different form a website for desktops.  As a business owner, you also have to realize that a Mobile Version of your website is a must as more than 50% of users will be accessing your site from a mobile device.  This is the chance for your company to get ahead of your competitors and gain a substantial advantage.  

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